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On Stage Alaska with real Alaskans!
Posted On 01/16/2012 19:11:03 by HolidayCruises

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Eagles and Salmon and Bears, Oh My! Skagway & Haines, Alaska
Posted On 08/15/2011 20:10:22 by HolidayCruises
alaska Land & Sea 2011:
Eagles and Salmon and Bears, Oh My!
Skagway & Haines, Alaska
by Phil & Carol Swartz Holiday Cruises of Tallahassee
Big Momma bear in Haines river
Today is the eighth day of our alaska adventure.  We arrived in Skagway early this morning and after a hardy breakfast on board the ship, we set off to visit the 'big city' of Skagway. Not really, the biggest t... Read More

Alaska's Glaciers
Posted On 08/04/2011 20:07:06 by HolidayCruises
Phil & Carol Swartz's alaska Land & Sea 2011: Alaska's Glaciers

Margerie Glacier
Along with mountains and wildlife, glaciers are one of the main reasons so many people want to visit Alaska.  On this trip to Alaska, we spend two days concentrating on glaciers.  The first of the two days was in Yakutat Bay, home of Hubbard Glacier.  The second day was spent in Glacier Bay.
... Read More

Whales, Sea Lions & Otters
Posted On 08/03/2011 19:45:32 by HolidayCruises
Phil & Carol Swartz alaska Land & Sea 2011: Whales, Sea Lions & Otters

Phil & Carol ready to board the alaska Railroad
One of the best ways to see the vastness of alaska is to travel by train.  The alaska Railroad runs from Fairbanks in the North through Denali National Park, down to Anchorage and finally to Seward in the South - in all the travel time... Read More

A day in Denali National Park
Posted On 08/02/2011 17:22:19 by HolidayCruises
Alaska Land & Sea 2011
Dall Sheep against the blue sky
Of all the National Parks in the USA, alaska has the five largest including Denali National Park - one that is somewhat larger than the state of Massachusetts.  This morning we divided into two groups - those that wanted high adventure and those wanting a more sedate morning.  One of those wanting hi... Read More

From Fairbanks to Denali
Posted On 07/29/2011 20:39:42 by HolidayCruises
Alaska Land & Sea 2011 with Phil & Carol Swartz
White water rafting on the Nenana River
The road from Fairbanks to Denali leads you from the interior of alaska into the mountains of the alaska range, from an arid climate (Fairbanks gets less rain per year than Phoenix) to an area that gets massive snowfall each year, from a city complete with red lights and everything to an area that completely shuts do... Read More

Alaska Land & Sea 2011 - Fairbanks
Posted On 07/27/2011 21:31:33 by HolidayCruises
Alaska Land & Sea 2011
  On this two week alaska adventure, Carol and I will be traveling with some very special people including my brother Dave, his son Matt and daughter Angie, and Angie's husband Josh.  We'll fly to Fairbanks, alaska and work our way south through Denali National Park and Anchorage before boarding our ship, the Coral Princess, in the small port town of Whittier.
From there we'll sail to Hubbard Glacier in Yakut... Read More

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