Destination Weddings: 5 Reasons Why It Might Be a Perfect Fit For You!

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It’s a Vacation.

It’s a Wedding.

It’s a Honeymoon.

It’s a Destination Wedding!
5 Reasons a Destination Wedding Might be a Perfect Fit For You!

by Shelley Atkinson, Holiday Cruises & Tours



Every bride wants a memorable wedding. She dreams of being married on a tropical beach somewhere surrounded by her closest friends and family.  But she convinces herself that this is not practical, not convenient or not affordable. But in reality a “Destination Wedding” might well worth looking into.


5 Reasons a Destination Wedding Might be a Perfect Fit for You:


1. You Want a Unique & Memorable Wedding Day
The last few weddings you attended were probably all the same. First the church or local venue, then the reception, then the Bride & Groom take off for their honeymoon.  During the entire event, you don’t even get to spend time with them because they are locked away getting ready, then taking photos, then busy with garters and bouquet throws, then swept away covered in rice.


Destination Wedding in Napa Valley


Your wedding is a special day and it is meant to be fun, memorable and spent with loved ones.  It’s not supposed to be work. A Destination Wedding might be the perfect fit.  You can get married on Tropical Beaches, Beautiful Gardens or on a Cruise Ship. You can select locations all over the world from a Villa in Italy to a Garden in Napa Valley to a Hawaiian Beach.


2. You Want a Small & Intimate Wedding
Face it. If you have a local wedding, you will have to invite EVERYONE you know… your coworkers, people from church, and your third cousin twice removed.  If you invite Susie, then Margaret will feel left out and you will feel guilty.


You would rather spend your special day with your parents, siblings and closest friends. These loved ones are more apt to go out of their way to attend such an important occasion with you – and have a nice vacation getting to know their new extended family to boot.


3. You are on a Budget
Huh? A vacation, airfare and hotel or cruise for a group of people must cost more than having a wedding in my hometown.


But think about it: Your guests actually pay for their trip themselves – they are looking for an excuse to get away and your wedding gives them justification for a much needed vacation. If you feel bad, tell them no gifts – you would rather have them in attendance than a crystal picture frame anyway.


All the properties have packages.  Not only are costs lower in other countries, the resorts have contracts with vendors that lower your rate.  For Example, the total cost for a beach wedding in St. Thomas   is around $1850!  That includes your Wedding License, Officiant, Flowers for Bride and Groom, Cake, Photograher, and even a limo from the ship to the venue!


You could add your cabin on a 7 night cruise (includes your food and entertainment) and still be under $4000 for Wedding and Honeymoon.  With some properties in the Mayan Riviera your wedding is free if you have enough guests come with you.


4. You Don’t Want the Stress of Planning a Wedding
Your Mother-in-Law will not be happy about this because, although she might complain, you know she will enjoy planning your wedding… and her vision is not your vision.


If you have a Destination Wedding, the resort, cruise line and your travel agent do all the planning for you.  All you have to do is pick out your dress, your new bikini and concentrate on losing that 5 pounds before the big day.


5. Your family is from a different city than your Fiancé’s family.
You grew up in Tallahassee, your fiancé is from Omaha. One of your family’s is going to have to travel to attend your wedding.  Therein lies the rub… which family has to travel?


Avoid the conflict. Choose a “neutral territory” because no one family is better than the other.  Plus a vacation together will allow your in-laws to bond while you enjoy your private honeymoon time.


Whether you choose a Destination Wedding, a honeymoon or a family vacation, Holiday Cruises and Tours is here to help.  Our experienced agents can meet with you face-to-face and assemble the perfect get-away that fits your lifestyle, your budget and the fairy-tale wedding you always dreamed of.  They can also match or beat online travel prices, have the best advice and take away the stress - all at no extra cost for you. 



Call us today at (850) 386-7327, visit us online at or stop by our office at 2522 Capital Circle NE (under the big blue awning!) and let us help you get-away!

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