5 Reasons for Micropigmentation You Never Thought Of

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 5 Reasons for Micropigmentation You Never Thought Of

by Dr. Teresa Bowling,

Casa Chiaro

Aestheticians' Skin Care & Permanent Cosmetic Clinic



When people hear about micropigmentation, they tend to think of what is known as "permanent makeup" - which is essentially a tattoo in place of your eyeliner, lipstick, eyebrows and other places makeup is used.


Although many people decide to get permanent makeup done for convenience, (they save time from the daily procedure of applying, reapplying and taking off their makeup,) others turn to micropigmentation for alternative reasons.


1. They have sensitive skin or allergies.

It is reported that there is an average of 5.7 Million doctor visits each year due to "Contact Dermatitis" - this is an allergic reaction to the chemicals or preservatives in the cosmetics and it causes the skin to break out in an itchy rash.


People susceptible to contact dermatitus, or just have sensitive skin, could opt to have micropigmentation done to still look as if they were wearing makeup, without the irritability.


2. They have poor eyesight.

You can't put your eyeliner on if your glasses are in the way, but you can't see to apply it without your glasses on or your contacts in.


3. They have a medical condition preventing proper application of makeup.

Imagine trying to apply makeup with arthritis, carpal tunnel or Parkinson's Disease. It is difficult to keep your hands steady after a stroke, or for people with Multiple Schlerosis. As we age, many people get unsteady hands or pain in their hands and wrists when trying to be precise with their makeup.


4. They have hair loss from alopecia, chemotherapy, accidents, burns or cosmetic surgery.

People with alopecia cannot grow hair on their entire body. They typically wear wigs on their head but still desire eyebrows. Micropigmentation can provide them with realistic looking eyebrows so they can feel confident.


This is also true for those that lost the ability to grow hair after burns or accidents. In these cases, micropigmentation also appeals to men.

Before and After -

This young lady had thinning eyebrow hair and wanted to make them fuller.


5. They want to correct the color in their skin

When people have scars the color of the scarred area can be different from their true complexion. Micropigmention can help correct the coloration to match the skin around the scar.


This can also be done for breast areola loss after breast cancer surgery, the scar after cleft lip surgery and vitiligo (a condition where people have splotches of skin with no pigmentation at all.)


Micropigmentation helps these men and women feel less self-conscious and more confident.



If you have any questions about micropigmentation or other skin problems you may be encountering, give me a call at (850) 906-9831 to schedule a consultation.  



Dr. Teresa Bowling, PhD is the clinic director at Casa Chiaro, the only Aestheticians' Skin Care and Permanent Cosmetic Clinic in the Tallahassee area.


Dr Bowling started as a Naturopathic Doctor with specialties in Midwifery and medical aesthetics.  She provides paramedical aesthetic skin care and permanent cosmetic services for clients as well as traveling the world teaching others in workshops, training classes, and seminars.


Dr. Bowling has developed a program for Floridian's entitled, LENA'S DREAM, which offers low cost or no cost skin care and permanent cosmetic services for individuals who have had cancer.


Casa Chiaro is conveniently located at 4412 Small Pond Lane in Tallahassee. Right across from Chiles High School.


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