She Told Her All Ruth 3:16 - Equipped for Battle

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As we rejoin our story, we remember that it is very early in the morning and Ruth has just left Boaz who provided her with fifteen gallons of barley that she is carrying in her veil. She also possesses Boaz' promise that as soon as possible he will be engaging the next closest kinsman redeemer about fulfilling his duty to marry Ruth. Ruth trusts Boaz, and although neither she nor Boaz knew at this point whether this near kinsman would forgo his obligation, Ruth believed Boaz would make every effort to be her kinsman redeemer. Ruth made her way back to Naomi's house where we join today's reading in verse sixteen of chapter three:

And when she came to her mother in law, she said, Who are you, my daughter? And she told her all that the man had done to her.

It must have been quite early in the morning because we read, “And when she came to her mother in law, she said, Who are you, my daughter?”Of course we know that Naomi knew Ruth, but it apparently was so dark outside that Naomi could only recognize that the figure before her was a female. As we read the Bible it is important to allow our minds to picture the scenes to gather greater understanding of what is happening. Can we imagine the darkness of the night, the quiet attempt of Ruth as she enters Naomi's home, and the manner in which Ruth awoke her? Can we see the startled Naomi as she arises to find this female image hovering in her room or standing over her bed? We must climb into the story so to speak as enlightenment awaits us when we do.

Ruth then shares with Naomi, “And she told her all that the man had done to her.” Imagine Ruth's excitement about her time with Boaz. We might picture her like a schoolgirl with a crush rattling off detail after detail like, “He did this, and then he did that. Then he said this, and then he said that. And look at all he gave me, etc.” Every detail was discussed and shared, and can we imagine Naomi's face as she considered all the information especially about the nearer kinsman and Boaz' plan to deal with him. There is nothing like having a confidant with whom we can share our greatest joys and our greatest fears, and we can be sure that both of these were in the mix of conversation between Ruth and Naomi in the early hours.

Whom do we have in our lives that we can “tell our all?” Is it a friend, a co-worker, a spouse, or brother? Is it a pastor, a minister or a colleague? Maybe it is a parent, child or close relative? It might be the Lord Jesus Himself, and as we consider the sharing between Ruth and Naomi, perhaps we too will be inspired to be so excited about our kinsman redeemer that we will share about Him with anyone who is willing to listen to us go on and on about what a wonderful Savior He is.

Next time we will see Ruth tell Naomi more of the wonders of Boaz, so read ahead, and we shall join together then.

Until tomorrow...there is more...

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