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We left our story yesterday with Ruth telling Naomi all the details about her nighttime encounter with Boaz. She continues her conversation in chapter three and verse seventeen where we read:

And she said, These six [measures] of barley he gave to me; for he said to me, Go not empty unto your mother in law.

As a testimony to her wonderful experience with Boaz, Ruth tells Naomi,“These six measures of barley he gave to me.” We recall that six measures of barley was approximately fifteen gallons worth. Imagine Naomi's eyes when she saw such an abundance before her, and this time Ruth didn't have to glean any of it. The very size of the gift was enough to give evidence that Boaz was extremely interested in Ruth, and still Ruth has even more to tell.

Not only did Ruth receive the gift of the barley, but she also was given the reason for the gift: “for he said to me, Go not empty unto your mother in law.” Let's think this through just a little. First, Boaz did not want Ruth to go up empty. He didn't want her to be without provision. Remember all through this story Boaz has been providing for Ruth. He also has protected her as he was when he sent her out early in the morning before anyone would recognize her. There was no need for Ruth to return to her home without any provision when Boaz had plenty at his disposal. We might even look at this as assurance for Boaz that Ruth would continue her interest in him.

Next we notice Boaz' attention to Naomi, “your mother in law.” Boaz acknowledged Ruth's mother in law even though she was not an intimate part of his relationship with Ruth at this point. He obviously knew her, but we have no indication that she was communicating with him in any manner. Yet, Boaz desired to give to her as well. He did not want Ruth to go home empty when he knew that Naomi would be waiting there, so he provided for Naomi as well.

Do we wonder at times if our kinsman redeemer Jesus will supply our needs? Do we question whether He will come through for us in difficult situations or circumstances? We may recall the words of Paul the apostle in Philippians chapter four and verse nineteen where he wrote:

But my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

But do we believe Him and His words? Let us remember that we see Boaz a type of Jesus Christ, and Ruth as a type of the church in this book. As Boaz made sure that Ruth would “go not empty”, neither shall we. He has an abundant supply of resources at His disposal, and His riches in glory far exceed any need we have. We can trust Him. We can rely upon Him, and just as Boaz was interested not only in Ruth but Naomi as well, we can believe that our kinsman redeemer Jesus has provision and protection awaiting all those who give their hearts and lives to Him.

Next time we will see another instruction from Naomi to Ruth, so read ahead, and we shall join together then.

Until tomorrow...there is more...

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