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Status: Go to to purchase our debut album, Out of This Town!
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Status: Go to to purchase our debut album, Out of This Town!

ZBT is a young, fresh piano trio devoted to the advancement of jazz through unique original compositions and fresh takes on jazz standards. The band shows respect to the tradition of jazz while pursuing it's own unique modern sound. Their plan is to advance the art of the piano trio and to inspire the music world and beyond with their take on jazz.

The trio has been performing together since 2009 when each member studied music at the Florida State University College of Music Jazz Studies program. Their sound is inspired by a lineage of heralded jazz trios they've studied, but is authentic and matchless due to the colors and textures each member contributes to one embodied sound.

Zach Bartholomew has a bold, distinctive approach to the piano. He uses intricate rhythms and melodic lines for developing ideas within improvising. In addition to the intellectual complexities of Zach's approach, there is a deep-rooted sense history in his sound. Miles Bozeman fits brilliantly into a trio setting. He flickers between complex rhythmic support and complimenting the melodic line with an unmatched style. Brandon Robertson's bass lines act as the smooth backbone of the trio, providing the group with an intense groove peppered with melodic sound.

ZBT has performed in jazz venues throughout the southeast as well as across the European coast. The band has also performed in jazz festivals throughout the southeast, such as the South Carolina Jazz Festival, the Jacksonville Jazz Festival, and the Tallahassee Jazz & Blues Festival. In August 2011, the trio secured 1st place in the Salett Arts Center Jazz Trio Competition in Raleigh, N.C. Another exciting time for ZBT was when they traveled overseas together to perform around Europe via Princess Cruise lines. The trio's many feats, large and small, have been featured by a variety of magazines, newspapers and radio broadcasts.

ZBT prides itself on its deep focus on history, innovation, musicality, and improvisation of jazz. This provides a lucid balance that allows the group to be completely expressive while maintaining a devoted sense of structure. Each member of ZBT remains dedicated to writing originals and advancing the group along its journey. They have a great respect for the past and are looking forward to contributing their own music to the world in the future.

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ZBT at Rio Carrabelle
ZBT at Rio Carrabelle with special guest Avis Berry
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ZBT at Aloft Hotel
ZBT Live at Aloft Hotel
Concert / Live Music
ZBT at Aloft Hotel
ZBT Live at Aloft Hotel
Concert / Live Music
ZBT at Aloft
ZBT Live at Aloft Hotel
Concert / Live Music
ZBT at Aloft Hotel
ZBT Live at Aloft Hotel
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